Leather Care

  • Keep your bag out of direct sources of light and heat as much as possible as this may cause colour fade
  • To keep your beautiful whites white, avoid constant rubbing your dark bag against light colours in case of colour transference
  • Avoid dampness, humidity & rain.
  • In the unlucky case you get caught in the rain, initially pat dry your bag and allow to dry naturally.
  • Never try to clean/remove stains yourself. Always refer to a specialist. Some dry cleaners offer this service.
  • Give your bag a quick once over sweep with a soft dry cloth once a week to preserve the new appearance of your leather.
  • To keep the natural shape avoid over filling as leather is a skin and will stretch.
  • Just like your skin needs moisturizing, so does Leather. Use a leather conditioner/moisturizer once a month or so. This will avoid drying out, wrinkling and flaking.
  • Stuff your bag and store in a dust bag when not using as this will help with the aging process.